About me

As a youngster I always dabbled in crafty projects and it is this love for making that slowly progressed into a love for drawing and painting during my teen years. 
I studied Art & Design at GCSE level, moved onto A-level Art & Design in college and finally studied the Fine Art Bachelors degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University and graduated with a first-class honours in 2020.
In university I created large scale wooden sculptures inspired by urban landscapes. This project was a series of personified objects called 'Things' that emerged from their surroundings. These Things carried out a number of functions and had their own will, intentions and purpose, crossing the boundaries of 'art' and 'design' within different contexts. 
When I returned home after graduating and during COVID-19 lockdown, I turned to my immediate surroundings for creative inspiration. I traded the geometric and monochromatic urban qualities of my university work for the more natural, fluid and colourful features that define the landscapes of North Wales. 
Since then I have been painting local landmarks and scenery, building up a collection of original paintings that have been photographed and reproduced as printed images on paper, coasters, greetings cards and tea towels. 
I now spend my time in my new home-studio painting new work, partaking in weekend markets and exhibiting in a number of local shops, galleries and cafes. 
Where you can see my work:
(Gallery) Oriel Cefni 6a Church St, Llangefni LL77 7DU
(Gallery) Carwsel, Unit 2, Campton Jouse, Carwsel LL33 0AL 
Land, sea & sky, July 2023 at The Lone Tree Cafe, Unit 2, Y Glyn, Llanberis, Caernarfon LL55 4EL